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Astrology is an ancient science which deals in the effects of planets on living beings. To predict the planets' effects, one has to calculate the position of planets and their strengths.

Gemstone Recommendations

Gemstones should always be worn according to auspicious grah (Planet) as per your kundali (birth- chart). You can ask about the Gemstones associated to your Horoscope, which ones you should wear and the ones you should not wear.

Astro Remedies

Solve family disputes and husband wife disputes. Astro MArg Darshan provides consultancy, astrological remedies and Love-Spells to remove obstacles in marriages and solve all Love, Relationship and Marriage problems.

Matchmaking &

Matchmaking is surely an immensely responsible and significant work, and therefore marriage matchmaking must be finalized scrupulously. Match making leads to union of two people and it is the responsibility of the astrologer to provide accurate and wise decision over the matter of kundli matching, in order to make the marital union happy and lasting.

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Who We Are?

In astronomy, the zodiac is the ring of constellations that lines the ecliptic,
which is the apparent path of the Sun across the sky over the course of the year.
The Moon and planets also lie within the ecliptic, and so are also within the constellations of the zodiac.

In astrology, the zodiac denotes those signs which divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude.

As such, the zodiac is a celestial coordinate system, more precisely an ecliptic coordinate system, taking the ecliptic as the origin of latitude,
and the position of the sun at vernal equinox as the origin of longitude.

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Explain your requirements to us. Be open and honest. Giving the impression that you have an unlimited budget or unlimited training participation time is wishful thinking generally. As a vendor it is our opportunity to educate you on the range of services we offer and give you the best solution for your current situation, but to do so we need to know what the situation is.

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तिलक लगा कर कैसे करें आज्ञा चक्र को जाग्रत ?

शनि का चमत्कारी पौधा शमी

Daily Panchang

What is Panchang ?

Panchang is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, and presents
important dates and the calculations in a tabulated form. The study of Panchang involves understanding Rasi phala, the impact of the signs of the zodiac on the individual.

They are calculated by the planetary motions including Sun & Moon in our solar system.

Panchang = Panch (Five)+ Ang (Limbs)
The detailed combinations of these 5 elements on any particular time, date & place decide the auspicious & inauspicious moment.

Daily Panchang